Hi, I'm Sydney

Being a former collegiate soccer athlete, I have a great fondness for health and fitness. Despite completing my bachelor's in sociology and psychology, I have remained dedicated to advancing my fitness and health through running and CrossFit.

Throughout my own journey towards health and fitness, I have faced numerous challenges such as maintaining consistency, dealing with joint pain, and addressing dietary issues. Nevertheless, I have resolved each of these problems for myself and now have a desire to assist others in doing the same.

I strongly believe that all individuals can achieve a healthy and energetic body, and I am eager to help you in reaching your goals.

If you are interested in commencing your fitness journey with me, schedule an introductory call below!


25797 Conifer Rd.
Conifer, CO, 80433, US

About Sydney 

Sydney is a personal trainer who provides a training program that is personalized to each client, making them fitter, happier, and healthier. 

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